Strengthening Inclusion and Collaboration in Disaster Risk Reduction

Views from the frontline (VFL) 2019 is the largest independent
global review of Disaster Risk reduction at the local level, which was
initiated by the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster
1 Reduction (GNDR) . It aims to strengthen the inclusion and collaboration
between at-risk people, civil society and government in the design and
implementation of policies and practices to reduce risks and strengthen
VFL 2019 establishes a local baseline and local monitoring process
to measure progress towards achieving an inclusive “people-centered”
approach to resilience-building, as promoted within the Sendai Framework
for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) and other frameworks part of the
Agenda 2030. In so doing, VFL 2019 aims to increase awareness and
strengthen accountability of governments and intergovernmental bodies
for a people-centered approach.

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